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Ania Broda

Poland Poland
One of the most original voices on the Polish musical scene and one of the most interesting personalities in folk music. She is equally enthusiastic about running vocal and instrumental workshops for children and parents and about giving captivating concerts. Anna Broda will present the pieces from her fantastic last year’s record Thousand Lakes , filled with unique, little known music of Warmia and Masuria. 
concert Alchemia, Estery 5 Street
Saturday 08.07.2017, 19:00

Debalina & Folks of Bengal

India India
The members of the ensemble brilliantly feature motifs of Bengali culture and tradition. As a result noble music of the source sound is created, likely to attract both world music connoisseurs and listeners who get in touch with this kind of art for the first time.
concert Wolnica Square
Saturday 08.07.2017, 21:30

Debashish Bhattacharya

India India
One of the most outstanding, world acclaimed figures in India’s music, Debashish Bhattacharya, is a great virtuoso of Indian guitar. He is highly regarded as an artist, for his genuine passion for music-making, excellent technique, as well as spirituals aspects of his art. The artist’s most recent, splendid record has been just released.
concert Church of St. Catherine
Wednesday 05.07.2017, 19:30


Poland Poland
Great dynamism, spontainety and musicality, brilliant references to various cultural traditions and a feeling for stage have brought Dikanda which has operated on the folk scene for two decades a crowd of fans. This crowd grows after every concert. 
concert Wolnica Square
Saturday 08.07.2017, 20:15

Elida Almeida

Cape Verde Islands Cape Verde Islands
Cape Verde Islands have brought us – it appears – another jewel. A young and highly promising vocalist, who might soon match the most outstanding artists born in the country that gave us the great Cesária Évora.
concert Wolnica Square
Friday 07.07.2017, 20:15


Yemen / Israel Yemen / Israel
Members of the group invite listeners to a world of prayer, passion, love and the longing for freedom. The world of tradition rediscovered, interpreted in their own way and performed in their own style.
concert Church of St. Catherine
Wednesday 05.07.2017, 21:00

Gurdjieff Ensemble

Armenia Armenia
A world-renowned ensemble, inspired by artistic and philosophical ideas of the famous Armenian mystic Georgi Gurdijeff. Its music is rooted in folk and religious music -- Armenian, Greek, Arab, Kurdish, Assyrian, Persian and Caucasian.
concert Church of St. Catherine
Thursday 06.07.2017, 19:30


Iran Iran
The group plays mystic music based on Sufi traditions and poetry of the greatest Sufi poet, known to the world as Rumi (Jalal ad-Din Muhammad ar-Rumi). Poetry in the original Persian language is enhanced by the sound of such instruments as ney (flute), daf (frame drum) and tonbak (wooden drum). Homayoon creates classical Persian music, set in Sufi tradition.
concert Wolnica Square
Saturday 08.07.2017, 19:00

Joanna Słowińska / Archipelag_2

Poland / Finland Poland / Finland
Guest stars: Outi Pulkkinen  Joanna Słowińska is one of the most charismatic stars on the Polish stage, a vocalist and a great stage personality known to the fans of ethno and world music for the repertoire inspired by Polish and Slavic traditional music.
concert Wolnica Square
Friday 07.07.2017, 21:30

Jorgos & Antonis Skolias

Poland Poland
A sensational family team bringing their own, refreshing vision of music, disregarding all genre limitations, freely drawing inspirations from folk and traditional music – in particular Greek, but also from other regions of Europe, as well as jazz. The outstanding Polish vocalist and his no less talented son playing the drums, propose the audience their trans music deeply rooted in the rhythm, whilst at the same melodious.
concert Strefa, Tomasza 31 Street
Wednesday 05.07.2017, 23:30

Karolina Cicha & Bart Pałyga

Poland Poland
Karolina Cicha’s artistic activity is very impressive, Her successive experiments are up to the highest artistic level. This time, the award winner of the Grand Prix of the New Tradition Festival, who took the challenge to deal with Różewicz’s poetry, music of minorities which once lived in Podlasie or even Pakistani tradition, comes up with a new project. 
concert Wolnica Square
Friday 07.07.2017, 19:00

Katarína Máliková

Slovakia Slovakia
A brilliant and sophisticated return to the beautiful traditions of Slovak culture, whilst at the same time its subtle interweaving into the modern sound. Katarína Máliková with her band proposes a sophisticated creation in the attractive form.
concert Church of St. Catherine
Thursday 06.07.2017, 18:00

Kayhan Kalhor / Ali Bahrami Fard / Maria Pomianowska

Iran / Poland Iran / Poland
Outstanding Iranian artists will take us on a musical, cultural and spiritual journey to the sources of Persian tradition. Kayhan Kalhor, an absolute master playing the kamancheh will be concerting together with Ali Bahrami Fardem playing the Persian santur.
concert Church of St. Catherine
Thursday 06.07.2017, 21:00

Ola Bilińska – Libelid

Poland Poland
Ola Bilińska’s record Beryozkel e subtitled Kołysanki jidysz (Yiddish Lullabies) was released three years ago and soon turned out the greatest sensation in its time – both phonographic and in concert. It achieved the title of the Folk Phonogram of the Year 2014. Lovers of folk and Jewish music, fans of alternative music, and those who look for the unique sound were equally captivated.
concert The Galicia Jewish Museum
Saturday 08.07.2017, 18:00

Pulkkinen Räss Sadovska

Finland / Switzerland / Ukraine Finland / Switzerland / Ukraine
Music of extreme beauty – based on the sources and on one tradition, but at the same time a cross-culture meeting of various sensitivities from three parts of Europe.
concert Strefa, Tomasza 31 Street
Thursday 06.07.2017, 22:15
workshops Strefa, Św. Tomasza 31
Thursday 06.07.2017, 16:30


Poland Poland
Three girls – a modest formula and unbounded, exuberant musicality, the joy of being on stage, the joy of singing. The members of Sutari trio arouse Polish and international audiences’ enthusiasm. They have concerted in many countries around the world, captivating the lovers of traditional music and contemporary alternative alike.
concert Strefa, Tomasza 31 Street
Thursday 06.07.2017, 23:30

Trebunie-Tutki & Quintet Urmuli

Poland / Georgia Poland / Georgia
An absolute Polish folk classic, highly acclaimed on the international stage, Trebunie-Tutki band meets another outstanding highlander group – Georgian Urmuli. They jointly created an astonishingly cohesive and ravishing whole, as we can hear on their fine record Duch gór (The Spirit of the Mountains) which was released last year.
concert Church of St. Catherine
Wednesday 05.07.2017, 18:00

Ural Pop

Norway / Finland Norway / Finland
A very special meeting in the circle of musical experiment based on Sami/Lapp music and the Finno-Ugric sound influence. Torgeir Vassvik with his new line-up – Kristiina Ilmonen and Rauno Nieminen – combines their deep knowledge and performing mastery to give ole traditions a new, contemporary sound.
concert Strefa, Tomasza 31 Street
Wednesday 05.07.2017, 22:15