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Ania Broda

Events at the festival:

07.07.2015 12:00
workshops Ethnographic Museum
06.07.2015 12:00
workshops Ethnographic Museum

Events at the festival:

One of the most original voices on the Polish music scene and one of the most interesting personalities of the festival will run vocal and instrumental workshops for children and parents.

Devotees of traditional and folk music remember her memorable, distinctive voice above all from the work of the Kapela Brodów ensemble, whose mainstay she was for many years. Together they recorded five great albums (from “Pieśni i melodie na rozmaite święta” recognised as the best folk album of 2001), and played hundreds of enthusiastically received concerts. She was the group’s singer, as well as playing the cymbals and drums.

For some time she has pursued a parallel career with her original, solo activities. A few years ago she left Kapela Brodów to focus exclusively on her solo achievements: recordings, conducting workshops, and concerts with her own band. Her original credits include three albums: “A ja nie chcę spać!”, “6H” and “Najlepsze życzenie”, drawing inspiration from the folk tradition and the work of contemporary poets.

A significant part of her musical activity is aimed directly towards children, although the simplicity, musicality and charm mean that this work is also for adults. She says of herself: “My inspiration is children’s poetry, especially the unpredictable and mysterious, in which words ring. In music, I look for moods, colours, secrets and improbable stories, plucking the strings of the imagination. I perform songs accompanied by cymbals, piano and voice.”