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5 July Tuesday

16:00Paloteo dancing stick making workshop workshops ŻyWa Pracownia, Lwowska 30

Paloteo dancing stick making workshop (reconstruction of dance traditions from Tabanera de Cerrato) for dance workshops and El Naán concert.

05.07 / 4.00-5.30 p.m./ Admission: 20 PLN/ Reservations: warsztaty@zywapracownia.pl

16:00Maniucha Bikont (Poland) – lullaby workshop workshops S. Udziela Ethnographic Museum in Krakow

Maniucha Bikont (Poland) – lullaby workshop

05.07 / 4.00-6.30 p.m. / S. Udziela Ethnographic Museum in Krakow, Plac Wolnica 1
Admission: 35 PLN/ Reservations: dorota@etnomuzeum.eu

20:00Buika / Vivir Sin Miedo concert ICE Kraków Congress Centre

It takes a lot of guts to expose your true self to others, and acclaimed singer, songwriter, poet, composer and music producer, Buika (pronounced BWEE-ka), does that every night she goes on stage. As plain as the tattoos on her skin, Buika bears her soul to her fans across the world, whom she affectionately calls her “tribe.” This summer, Buika continues her journey of storytelling across Europe and South America in support of her latest album, fittingly named Vivir Sin Miedo (To Live Without Fear). Her eighth album and one with the most English lyrics, Vivir Sin Miedo, co-produced by Grammy Award-winning Swedish producer, Martin Terefe (Mary J. Blige, Mutya Buena, Coldplay) features Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Jason Mraz, German neo-soul artist Meshell Ndegeocello, and Spanish underground flamenco legend Potito.

“[Buika] has a husky, layered and imperious voice, something like Nina Simone’s but more flexible and virtuosic.” --The New York Times

Tuesday / July 5th / 20.00 - 21.30


22:30Gulaza concert Strefa, St. Tomasz Street 31

The members of the band invite their listeners to a world of prayer, passion, dance, love and longing for freedom, to a world of traditions rediscovered, reinterpreted and performed their way.

Gulaza offers art inspired by the fascinating heritage of Yemeni women songs in an exceptional way. The mystical lyrics, handed down through generations from mother to daughter, gain a modern sound and a contemporary meaning in the instrumental formula, developed by the band. The combination of traditional string instruments from the Sahara with cello and acoustic guitar, as well as the fact that the songs are sung by a man for the first time, create a unique and coherent whole.

Wednesday / July the 5th / 22.30 - 23.30


23:30Jacek Hałas / Pieśni przygodne concert Strefa, St. Tomasz Street 31

A musician, singer, dancer, composer and dziad. For years he has been searching for signs of dziad songs in the living tradition, in home archives and in ethnographers’ research, he also plays an instrument traditionally used by wandering singers – a hurdy-gurdy. By combining his experience and imagination he created a new, artistic form of dziad art.

This time, Jacek Hałas wants to invite his audience to the borders of eschatology and deliberate about the non-eternal. The old songs of the poor, beggars and wandering singers about the beauty in the world, a lyrical story of death, love and wandering, serving as a warning, contemplation and solace. In Polish tradition, Pieśni przygodne (Casual songs) are pious songs of a more general nature, not connected directly to any liturgical context. However, the world “przygodność” can be understood twofold - as “incidentality” or “adventurousness”. The first meaning of the word sentences the being and the memory of it to strokes of luck and episodic nature, while the second one means the happiness of fate and the memory of it.

Tuesday / July 5th / 23.30 - 00.30

6 July Wednesday

15:00Maniucha Bikont (Poland) – forest songs workshop workshops S. Udziela Ethnographic Museum in Krakow

Maniucha Bikont (Poland) – forest songs workshop

06.07 / 3.00-5.30 p.m. / S. Udziela Ethnographic Museum in Krakow, Plac Wolnica 1
Admission: 35 PLN/ Reservations: dorota@etnomuzeum.eu

16:00Traditional crafts workshop – toys from Krakow Workshop workshops ŻyWa Pracownia, Lwowska 30

Traditional crafts workshop – toys from Krakow Workshop

06.07 / 4.00-5.30 p.m./ Admission: 20 PLN/ Reservations: warsztaty@zywapracownia.pl

18:30El Naán concert Church of St. Catherine

El Naán draws on the greatest and subtlest traditions of Castilian music. However, the group brings them into the world of contemporary culture and musical aesthetics. The members of the group approach their own music heritage with respect and attention. At the same time, they try to ensure that the works full of finesse and subtlety reach the contemporary listeners. Music, based on traditional melodies and the sound of acoustic instruments, remains an important testimony to the living inspiration flowing from tradition. The subtle use of modern, electronic instruments makes the work of the group a bridge between the past and the future.

Wednesday / July 6th / 18.30 - 19.30


19:45Sefardix / Maggid concert Church of St. Catherine

An outstanding vocalist with an exceptional rhythm section. Distinguished jazzmen drawing inspiration from Sephardic music and Mediterranean cultures are promoting their new, great album titled Maggid. Sefardix is a trio comprising Jorgos Skolias and two brothers, Marcin and Bartłomiej Oleś, three important and famous names on the Polish improvised music scene - and beyond!

Wednesday / July 6th / 19.45 - 20.45


21:00A Filetta concert Church of St. Catherine

A Filetta is one of the best vocal ensembles in the world. In their work, they draw directly on the most beautiful Corsican singing traditions – among the most unique and valued in Europe. The group has functioned for nearly four decades. A significant part of their repertoire, alongside traditional Corsican songs, are vocal religious works. The artists also create their own compositions, inspired by tradition.

Wednesday / July 6th / 21.00 - 22.00


22:00Trad.Attack! concert Alchemia club

Trad.Attack! is currently one of the most interesting bands of the music scene in Estonia. They give captivating and dynamic concerts despite the fact that they are just a trio, using only acoustic instruments. They debuted only two years ago; however, they already won several music awards in Estonia and went on an international tour, spanning many countries, from the United States to Malaysia. They are inspired by archive records of traditional music, as well as contemporary trends. All members of the trio sing, and among their instruments we can find both traditional Estonian bagpipes or drumla, as well as saxophone, acoustic guitar or drums.

Wednesday / July 6th / 22.00 - 23.00


23:30Dance night (Spain / Castille) Strefa, St. Tomasz Street 31

Dance Night (Spain / Castille) – with El Naán musicians (Spain)

Wednesday / July 6th / Start: 11.30 p.m. [admission free]
7 July Thursday

15:00Teresa Mirga (Poland) – Romani songs from Spis workshop workshops S. Udziela Ethnographic Museum in Krakow

Teresa Mirga (Poland) – Romani songs from Spis workshop

07.07 / 3:00-5:00 p.m./ S. Udziela Ethnographic Museum in Krakow, Plac Wolnica 1
Admission: 35 PLN/ Reservations: dorota@etnomuzeum.eu

16:00El Naán (Spain / Castille) – Castillan dance workshop workshops Strefa, Tomasza Street 31

El Naán (Spain / Castille) – Castillan dance workshop

07.07 / 4.00-5.30 p.m./ Strefa, Tomasza 31
Admission: 20 PLN/ Reservations: etnokrakow@rozstaje.pl

18:30Twelfth Day concert Church of St. Catherine

“It is the 21st century art for the lovers of traditional music”, wrote the excited reviewer for fRoots, a prestigious magazine. Two inconspicuous girls from Scotland propose a delicate and sophisticated music, which at the same time is moving and filled with emotions.

The Twelfth Day features Catriona Price, a violinist and Esther Swift, a harpist. They both sing, often unisono, creating their own, original message. They also write together, combining traditional folk with elements of classical music, thus creating music beyond the borderlines of all genres, transforming their own experiences, inspirations and dreams into a lyrical artistic formula. They come from Orkney Islands and Scottish Borders in the South-Eastern Scotland. The duo is said to be inseparable.

Thursday / July 7th / 18.30 - 19.30


19:45Joanna Słowińska / Polesie concert Church of St. Catherine

Polesie – an artistic journey of the artist to her family roots; a premiere concert inspired by the themes of ritual songs of the Eastern Borderlands, created by exceptional instrumentalists of the improvisation scene, arranged by Stanisław Słowiński – winner of the Jazz Juniors 2015 Grand Prix.

Joanna Słowińska is one of the most charismatic figures in the Polish scene, a singer with great stage personality. The fans of ethno and world music know her from her repertoire inspired by Polish and Slavic traditional music, the lovers of literary songs admire her for breathtaking interpretations of Zygmunt Konieczny’s works. She performs together with a band of instrumentalists from Krakow, with the Stanisław Słowiński Quintet and the Muzykanci band.

Thursday / July 7th / 19.45 - 20.45


21:00Iberi concert Church of St. Catherine

The phenomenal, centuries-old tradition of Georgian polyphony finds wonderful expressing in the work of Iberi, a band respected and experienced on international stages. The group has a rich and diverse repertoire. The artists offer work songs, but also sacred songs, carols, hymns and historical ballads. In a formal sense, they focus on songs performed a capella. The group was founded in September 2012. The idea of creating Iberi was put forward by Buba Murghulia, who in 1994–1996 was a member of the National Song and Dance Ensemble. He also gained experience in many other groups, which gave concerts both in Georgia and on international stages. 

Thursday / July 7th / 21.00 - 22.00


22:00Sans concert Alchemia club

The beautiful, melancholic and spiritual music, created by artists from different parts of the world who prove that creating art connecting seemingly distant traditions is definitely possible.

Sans is a quartet comprising artists, who are already well-known to the international audiences and Polish lovers of folk, ethno and world music. The band comprises Andrew Cronshaw, multi-instrumentalist (zither, fujara, Chinese ba-wu flute, Finnish kantele and marovantele), Sanna Kurki-Suonio, an outstanding Finnish vocalist, Ian Blake from Australia, playing wind instruments (clarinet, saxophone) and Tigran Aleksanyan from Armenia, master of the art of playing duduk, one of the most beautiful wind instruments.

Thursday / Julty 7th / 22.00 - 23.00


23:30Dance night (Scotland) Strefa, St. Tomasz Street 31

Dance night – with Twetfth Day musicians (UK/Scotland) and Sans (UK/FI)

Thursday 07.07 / 11.30 p.m. / Strefa, Tomasza 31 [admission free]

8 July Friday

0:00Dance night (Italy / Apulia) Strefa, St. Tomasz Street 31

Dance Night (Italy / Apulia) – with Kalàscima musicians (Italy / Apulia)

Friday / July 8th / Start: 12.00 a.m. [admission free]

15:00Iberi (Georgia) – Georian songs workshop workshops Strefa, Tomasza Street 31

Iberi (Georgia) – Georian songs workshop

08.07 / 3.00-4.30 / Strefa, Tomasza 31.
Admission: 20 PLN/ Reservations: etnokrakow@rozstaje.pl

16:00Traditional crafts workshop – bags with traditional motifs from Krakow costumes workshops ŻyWa Pracownia, Lwowska 30

Traditional crafts workshop – bags with traditional motifs from Krakow costumes

08.07 / 4.00-5.30 p.m./ Admission: 20 PLN/ Reservations: warsztaty@zywapracownia.pl

17:00Kalàscima (Italy / Apulia) – Southern Italian songs workshop workshops Strefa, Tomasza Street 31

Kalàscima (Italy / Apulia) – Southern Italian songs workshop

08.07 / 5.00-6.30 / Strefa, Tomasza 31.
Admission: 20 PLN/ Reservations: etnokrakow@rozstaje.pl

19:00Maciej Fortuna Quartet / Zośka concert Galicia Jewish Museum

The leading Polish jazz trumpeter and his international quartet appear with a repertoire inspired by Polish folk music recorded by Kolberg. It all started seemingly by chance...

In December 2013 Maciej Fortuna was touring Poland with his American quartet, comprising Mack Goldsbury, Eric Unsworth and Frank Parker. One day the bass player, Eric Unsworth fell, destroying his instrument and damaging Goldsbury’s saxophone. The borrowed reserve instruments sounded different from the ones they used, and thus continuing the tour according to the old idea was pointless; however, Fortuna came up with an ingenious plan. He borrowed several volumes of Kolberg’s writings from the Academy of Music in Poznań and asked his friends to pick two songs each. He added his own composition, and thus Zośka was born, with its roots in Polish folk music, played in the American jazz style. The album, released in spring this year was met with enthusiastic reactions.

Friday / July 8th / 19.00 - 20.00


20:00Kalàscima concert Wolnica Square

The fervent Italian tradition from Salento, Puglia region in the south-western Italy combined with modern sounds. It is said that the band’s name is based on a local dialect and is a combination of words “good” and “evil” into one. For several years now the audiences worldwide could appreciate the high quality of the band’s music, as apart from Europe, the band also went to Australia, Ecuador, Israel, Japan and the United States.

Kalàscima combines taranta - old traditional ritual dance music - with modern electric and electronic solutions. The explosive, energetic and captivating Kalàscima also uses many interesting, fascinating and original local instrument, such as the bagpipes, traditional flutes or the organetto - a widely used Italian folk instrument, similar to the accordion.

Friday / July 8th / 20.00 - 21.00

21:00Mokoomba concert Wolnica Square

The raw energy of the afro-fusion, offered by the band is like a rollercoaster ride. This is a perfect example how to present a new and modern music, attractive to the audiences worldwide while remaining loyal to one’s own roots and tradition. The Mokoomba group from Zimbabwe is considered to be one of the most important young bands in Africa. Their success stems from skilful combination of their Tonga tradition with pan-African music, elements of rap, ska, Afro-Cuban sounds or soukous, often referred to as African rumba.

Friday / July 8th / 21.00 - 22.15

23:00InFidelis concert Strefa, St. Tomasz Street 31

A phenomenal instrumental duet, combining their own expression and musical aesthetic with inspirations stemming from traditional music. The band's sound is based on the cooperation of two Polish folk instruments, the Płock fiddle and the Biłgoraj suka, reconstructed several years ago.

InFidelis means UnFaithful, it also creates a boundless field for exploration and interpretation for fiddle. The band was founded by Helena Matuszewska and Marta Sołek. They draw from tradition, but they are far from repeating schemes. On stage, the traditional instruments are combined with a looper. The repertoire of the duet is inspired by folk melodies from all regions of Poland – those found in Oskar Kolberg’s works, as well as those heard where the artists lived. InFidelis is not faithful to any genre, stylistic or convention. It is not the music of the roots, instead, it is the music of tree crowns – a starting point towards their own artistic search. That was also the music brought by the last year’s 2 CD release Projekt.Kolberg (Project.Kolberg). The first CD was filled with music performed by the duet, the second one contained an animated film with music composed by InFidelis.

Friday / July the 8th / 11.00pm - 00.00am
9 July Saturday

0:00Dance night (Poland) Strefa, St. Tomasz Street 31

Dance night – with Gęsty Kożuch Kurzu band, Edward Orłowski and others

Saturday 09.07 / 12.00 a.m. / Strefa, Tomasza 31 [admission free]

11:00Arkadiusz Szałata – traditional Polish dance workshop workshops S. Udziela Ethnographic Museum in Krakow

Arkadiusz Szałata – traditional Polish dance workshop

09.07 / 11:00 a.m. -2:00 p.m./ S. Udziela Ethnographic Museum in Krakow, Plac Wolnica 1
Admission: 40 PLN/ Reservations: dorota@etnomuzeum.eu

15:00Edward Orłowski – violin workshop: świętokrzyskie notes workshops S. Udziela Ethnographic Museum in Krakow

Edward Orłowski – violin workshop: świętokrzyskie notes

09.07 / 3.00-4.30 p.m. / S. Udziela Ethnographic Museum in Krakow, Plac Wolnica 1
Admission: 20 PLN/ Reservations: dorota@etnomuzeum.eu

16:30Workshops with SANS musicians workshops Strefa, Tomasza Street 31

Workshops with SANS musicians
led by Andrew Cronshaw (UK) and Sanna Kurki-Suonio (Hedningarna, Loituma / FI)

09.07 / 4.30-6.00 / Strefa, Tomasza 31.
Admission: 20 PLN/ Reservations: etnokrakow@rozstaje.pl

19:00Kujawska Atlantyda concert Galicia Jewish Museum

Kujawska Atlantyda / Justyna Piernik, Zdzisław Piernik, Danuta Kaczmarek, Janusz Prusinowski Kompania, Warszawa Wschodnia

Father: Zdzisław Piernik – an exceptional performer and author of contemporary music; his daughter: Justyna Piernik – a renowned interpreter and lover of traditional folk music. Together, they created a project focused on the search for their own cultural and family roots. They are supported by a group of friends, also known on the music scene.

Kujawska Atlantyda is an exceptional and fascinating artistic project, an attempt at reconstruction, reinterpretation and revival of the traditional Kuyavian music in its natural context. The main roles are filled by Justyna Piernik, a vocalist, known for her reconstructions of folk traditions, her father, Zdzisław Piernik, an outstanding musician, horn player and composer, for whom the project is a way to return to his childhood and own musical roots, as well as Danuta Kaczmarek – a folk singer from Śmiłowice.

The programme will feature ritual songs, lyrical songs, dance pieces and traditional chants, as well as kujawiaks, chodzone and instrumental obereks. The artists from Janusz Prusinowski Kompania and Warszawa Wschodnia will also help in this project.

Saturday / July 9th / 19.00 - 20.00


20:00Dagadana concert Wolnica Square

Meridian'68 released this spring is the band’s 4th studio album. On the one hand, the group goes the farthest as far as their musical side is concerned - to China, on the other, it has never been so close to the local traditions - Ukrainian and Polish.

DagaDana was founded in 2008 by Daga Gregorowicz from Poznań and Dana Vynnytska from Lviv. Soon after, Mikołaj Pospieszalski joined the band with his upright bass, and since some time, Frank Parker and Bartosz Mikołaj Nazaruk are responsible for rhythmical structures interchangeably. The band combines the element of Ukrainian and Polish culture using jazz, electronica, ambitious songs, avant pop and ethno / world music.

Saturday / July 9th / 20.00 - 21.00

21:00Jojo Abot concert Wolnica Square

Her fascinating music is inspired by her travels throughout continents and from her time spent between Akra, Copenhagen and New York - it is Jojo Abot, born in Ho (Ghana), living in New York, one of the most interesting and promising artists on the music scene inspired by African traditions.

Jojo Abot will come to Poland for the first time, accompanied by her Danish band.

Saturday / July 9th / 21.00 - 22.15

23:00Gęsty Kożuch Kurzu concert Strefa, St. Tomasz Street 31

Winner of the New Tradition Grand Prix in 2016. The band’s music combines their fascination in folk repertoire and wisdom of the countryside masters of the genre with youthful sensitivity and spontaneity, the result of which is emotional music, full of passion, encouraging to dance and grounded in tradition.

The band was founded in 2011. They play traditional music from the Łódź area, which is filled with regions filled with folk traditions - Łęczyce, Łowicz, Opoczno, Rawa and Sieradz. The band draws their inspiration from archive recordings and meetings with outstanding musicians, such as Tadeusz Kubiak, a violinist from Łęczyce, Sławomir Czekalski - a harmonist from Łowicz the Dobrzeliniacy band or Stanisław Klejnas - a violinist from Rawa. The band makes an effort to reflect the characteristics of the regions, as well as all musicians, noticing a great diversity of musical temperaments around Łódź.

Saturday / July 9th / 23.00 - 23.40
10 July Sunday

20:00Warszawski Sekstet Sentymentalny concert Strefa, St. Tomasz Street 31

The Warszawski Sekstet Sentymentalny (Warsaw Sentimental Sextet) means living urban folklore performed by young enthusiasts of the old music of the big cities (and much more). They play familiar and forgotten dance melodies, as well as more sentimental tunes for joint fun, singing and listening.

Songs from pre-war theatres, courtyard ballads, and the couplets of the Warsaw and Lviv interwar period. The group’s repertoire also includes compositions by modern artists inspired by city folklore and traditional Polish melodies; they accompany dancing parties with lively polkas and foxtrots, sultry tangos and romantic waltzes. Some of the Sextet musicians are associated with the Grupa Teatralna Warszawiaki (Varsovians Theatre Group) and the Warszawska Orkiestra Sentymentalna (Warsaw Sentimental Orchestra).

Sunday / July 10th / 8 p.m.
Strefa club, Św. Tomasza 31
tickets: 20 PLN – available directly before the concert at Strefa club
reservations: etnokrakow@rozstaje.pl