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Events at the festival:

The members of the band invite their listeners to a world of prayer, passion, dance, love and longing for freedom, to a world of traditions rediscovered, reinterpreted and performed their way.

Gulaza offers art inspired by the fascinating heritage of Yemeni women songs in an exceptional way. The mystical lyrics, handed down through generations from mother to daughter, gain a modern sound and a contemporary meaning in the instrumental formula, developed by the band. The combination of traditional string instruments from the Sahara with cello and acoustic guitar, as well as the fact that the songs are sung by a man for the first time, create a unique and coherent whole.

Yemen and Africa are separated by the sea. Gulaza is the expression of the sea – as the musicians themselves call it, the sea of despair, prayer, passion, dance, love and longing for freedom. Igal, born in Algieria, whose father is from Yemen and mother from Morocco, discovered the fascinating world of Yemeni women for himself several years ago. He spent several years studying the traditional songs and their lyrics, reflecting life at the margin of Yemeni society. The songs were handed down through generations, from mother to daughter, like secrets, by word of mouth.
Ben, who researched African cultures and studied in Western Africa understood the deep bond between cultures by cooperating with the greatest artists and local musicians, and joined Igal in his journey through the fascinating world of musical art of Yemeni women. Together they started working on songs collected by Igal, both from his childhood and personal meetings with women from Yemen.

Members of the group:

Igal Mizrahi – vocals
Ian Aylon – guitars
Hila Epstein – cello
Ben Aylon - djeli ngoni, percussion instruments