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27 06

Inspirations. The second stage of the EtnoKraków/Crossroads 2017 Festival

One of the main ideas behind the EtnoKraków/Crossroads Festival is to present the artists from all over the world, who draw inspiration from traditional music but express their fascination using a modern language – in the manner which is meaningful but understandable to the wide audience. One of the two festival stages – Inspirations -- will be here for you to express this fascination. It is an example of how to build one’s own musical individuality, being enchanted with traditional music, while at the same time reaching for modern means of artistic expression. This year’s Festival will be held from the 5th to the 8th of July and will be a unique meeting of tradition and modernity. The artists’ performances will be set in the context of the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

The Inspirations stage expresses unfaltering inspiration with the past, and the need for individual expression, sharing one’s emotions. By referring to various music styles and genres – as well as modern means of artistic expression, and sometimes also the visionary merging of various traditions (in some cases from the distant corners of the world), music becomes attractive to the listeners, communicative and colourful. But by no means at the expense of its nature, emotional message and strong ties with tradition. It usually expresses the special sensitivity, while at the same time the boldness and inventiveness of artists. Usually it is the author’s, deeply thought-out vision, which make us reflect, and at other times just offers fun.

This deep wisdom of the Inspirations stage – a philosophy which draws from the achievements of our ancestors, presenting fully individual contemporary interpretations with due respect, will be best represented at the EtnoKraków/Crossroads 2017 Festival by:

  • Gulaza (5 July, g. 21 St Catherine’s Church), inspired by the fascinating heritage of Yemenite women
  • Jorgos & Antonis Skolias (5 July, 11.30 pm, Zone, 31 Św. Tomasza Street), in the programme titled Kolos, a family dialogue and improvisation, showing the artists’ own vision of world music
  • Katarína Máliková / Pustvopol (6 July, 6.00 pm, St Catherine’s Church), a brilliant and enchanting young Slovak artist
  • Gurdjieff Ensemble (6 July, g. 7.30 pm, St Catherine’s Church), an ensemble which reaches to the works by Armenian mystic Georgi Gurdjieff and the composer and ethnomusicologist Rev. Komitas Vardapet
  • Pulkkinen - Räss - Sadovska (6 July, 10.15 pm, Zone, 31 Św. Tomasza Street), a fascinating trio of outstanding female vocalists from Finland, Switzerland and Ukraine
  • Sutari (6 July, 11.30 pm, Zone, 31 Św. Tomasza Street), a recent revelation of Polish folk scene with the premiere programme of their new record Osty
  • Karolina Cicha & Bart Pałyga (7 July, 7.00 pm, Wolnica Square), acclaimed artists known not only to the folk music market, with their new album Płyta tatarska
  • Elida Almeida (7 July, 8.15 pm, Wolnica Square), a dynamic and lyrical vocalist from Cape Verde
  • Joanna Słowińska, First Lady of Polish Folk and her project Archipelag_2 with guest starring Finnish vocalist Outi Pulkkinen (7 July, g. 9.30 pm, Wolnica Square)
  • Ania Broda (8 July, 7.00 pm, Alchemia, 5 Estery Street), the artist known from Kapela Brodów Band will present Warmia music from her beautiful record Thousand Lakes
  • Dikanda (8 July, g. 20.15, Wolnica Square), one of the most dynamic representatives of Polish ethno music, always enjoying the audience’s enthusiastic reception.


Today sounds surround us from all sides, but there is little really touching music in this overwhelming noise. This is why, exactly for this reason, the Etno Kraków Crossroads Festival has been conceived – in order to find a space for the kind of creativity which often cannot reach the listener’s ear – but it is still worthy of this. It aimed to offer the listeners communicative, charming and captivating art, so different from commercial pop clichés.