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08 07

The rain did not stop us. EtnoKraków/Crossroads 2017 day #3

Music by Polish artists prevailed on the third day of the Festival. It confirmed the class and the power of our native music. The audience was enchanted by excellently singing women, i.e.: Elida Almeida, Joanna Słowińska and Karolina Cicha. The concert of Kapela Maliszów also carried a lot of positive emotions. The Festival audience celebrated in the Galicia Jewish Museum and on Wolnica Square, disregarding capricious weather.
Not only Mazurki niepojęte (Mazurkas beyond understanding)

Kapela Maliszów is a revelation on the Polish folk scene inspired by traditional music. A family trio from Męcina Mała in Low Beskid creates music full of passion and unfeigned emotions. Its technical virtuosity, imagination and performing frenzy blend together with almost contemplative serenity and the deep awareness of the stage. They have gained great recognition and respect, all the more so  that some musicians in the group are very young. The leader is the multi-instrumentalist Jan Malisz, who is accompanied by his children, Zuzanna and Kacper in his musical journey. The audience couldn’t wait to see the concert of Kapela Maliszów, all the more so that it was to perform musical pieces from the ensemble’s most recent, second record about to be released. 
From Płyta Tatarska

Karolina Cicha & Bart Pałyga promoted their Płyta Tatarska released a few weeks ago. The artists reached for the tradition of the Polish Tatars. As a whole their project is a kind of experiment, because each of the performers plays a few instruments (sometimes a few instruments at a time). The artistic result of that experiment is music that is full of light, harmony and warmth, wisdom and a positive message. Karolina Cicha, playing, among other instruments, the accordion, percussion and electronic instruments, also captivated the audience as a vocalist. Pałyga, presented throat and aliquot singing, played stringed instruments – some associated with Polish traditions (e.g. Płock fiddle), some oriental (datur and others), and also appeared as a vocalist.
Easy-going style and melancholy

More lively, dynamic music resounded when Elida Almeida with her group appeared on the stage. The artist who comes from Cape Verde performed music shimmering with colours. A pinch of African trance, a pinch of melancholy, a lot of dance rhythms and plenty of attractive, beautiful tunes. Her youthful voice has a special, fascinating tone. Her songs are a specific mix of an easy-going style and nostalgia, a joy of dance and  lyrical reflection. It resounds with the echoes of classical folk dances, with the rhythms of batuku, funana and morna. The artist is also strongly supported by her fantastic accompanying group. Elida Almeida confirmed once again the great musical potential of Cape Verde music. Inspired by its sources, the artist  modern music, easily comprehensible, sometimes hit-like, but, partly because of its traditional elements, but far from pop music clichés. 

The culmination of the third day of the Festival was a concert given by Joanna Słowińska, ”First Lady of Polish Folk”. The brilliant vocalist confirmed her great vocal potential, attachment to tradition, and ability to turn tradition into a modern, contemporary music sound.

This time Słowińska was starring on the stage not only with her great ensemble but also with guest starring Outi Pulkkinen, a Finnish vocalist whom we already heard during the Festival as part of the Pulkkinen – Rass – Sadowska trio. The Finnish vocalist performing on stage with Słowińska was not only a meeting of two great voices and stage personalities, but also a forecast of the Polish vocalist’s tour of Scandinavia  this autumn.

Archipelag 2, which the artist presented on Friday is a comprehensive, very interesting, cohesive and multi-layered whole. The starting point is folk music, skilfully interwoven with modern musical solutions.  Słowińska’s talent, musicality and charisma are a treat for the ear.

The third day of the Etno Kraków/ Crossroads 2017 festival concluded with the Dance Night, a folk music party in  Strefa club at 31 Św. Tomasza Street, where  Kapela Maliszów also played once again.