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Played with us

A Filetta

France / Corsica France / Corsica
“We know that memory is very important, but for us, the certainty that our music still reflects the lives of many people, often changing them, is also essential”, said the members of the band in an interview. An exciting, centuries-long tradition of Corsican vocal polyphony performed passionately and soulfully by A Filetta gains extraordinary power and delights audiences around the world. At the head of the group is the charismatic Jean-Claude Acquaviva.

Adam Strug & Kwadrofonik

Poland Poland
The joint work by Kwadrofonik and Adam Strug – “Requiem Ludowe” – is one of the most important phonographic events of the year. During the Kraków festival they will be introducing completely new material.

Agata Siemaszko Trio

Poland Poland
The latest Polish-Slovakian project by the winners of the Grand Prix at the New Tradition festival four years ago. Agata Siemaszko and Kuba Bobas Wilk first started working together in autumn 2010, and just a few months later they were enchanting audiences at this acclaimed Warsaw festival.

Ahlberg, Ek & Roswall

Sweden Sweden
Since their foundation in 2010, Ahlberg, Ek & Roswall have been performing live frequently and regularly, both in their native Sweden and all over Europe. The trio perform folk music from the Medelpad and Scania regions, playing traditional pieces alongside their own compositions.

Ania Broda

Poland Poland
One of the most original voices on the Polish music scene and one of the most interesting personalities of the festival will run vocal and instrumental workshops for children and parents.

Ania Broda

Poland Poland
One of the most original voices on the Polish musical scene and one of the most interesting personalities in folk music. She is equally enthusiastic about running vocal and instrumental workshops for children and parents and about giving captivating concerts. Anna Broda will present the pieces from her fantastic last year’s record Thousand Lakes , filled with unique, little known music of Warmia and Masuria. 

Aram Merangulyan Folk Instruments Ensemble

Armenia Armenia
The ensemble was formed in Yerevan in 1926, coinciding with the foundation of the Public Radio of Armenia.

Arkadiusz Szałata

Poland Poland
Drummer, bassist and harmonica player. Member of multiple bands, including: Kapela na Krzywych Dźwiękach (radom music from Jan Kmita and Maria Siwiec), Tadirindum (Rzeszów music from Stanisław Piróg and Sowa family), Kapela Zootechników (Radom music from Jan Adamczyk), Addhrai (traditional Italian music).

Arkady Shilkloper

Russia Russia
"The Magic Of The Wind" is the programme presented during the festival by the outstanding Russian artist Arkady Shilkloper,

Banda Corapi

Italy Italy
The fascinating sources of magnificent, dynamic, southern Italian dance tradition are brought to you by Banda Corapi.

Banda Nella Nebbia

Poland Poland
Winners of the Grand Prix of this year’s Polish Radio New Tradition Folk Music Festival bring music never heard before in our circles! This explosive mix, enchanting with its blend of energy, precision of performance, spontaneity and discipline, is bound to be outstanding.


Bulgaria Bulgaria
Belonoga is the artistic pseudonym of the outstanding artist Gergana Dimitrova, previously known as one of the vocalists of the unforgettable groups Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares and Eva Quartet.

Buda Folk Band

Hungary Hungary
One of the most important bands today in the rich and varied Hungarian folk scene, the Buda Folk Band was formed in 2007.


Spain Spain
It takes a lot of guts to expose your true self to others, and acclaimed singer, songwriter, poet, composer and music producer, Buika (pronounced BWEE-ka), does that every night she goes on stage. As plain as the tattoos on her skin, Buika bears her soul to her fans across the world, whom she affectionately calls her “tribe.”

Bum Bum Orkestar

Poland Poland
In May this year, they won second place and the audience award during the eighteenth New Tradition Festival. As one of the best bands at that festival, they were invited to perform in Kraków.


Meridian'68 released this spring is the band’s 4th studio album. On the one hand, the group goes the farthest as far as their musical side is concerned - to China, on the other, it has never been so close to the local traditions - Ukrainian and Polish.

Debalina & Folks of Bengal

India India
The members of the ensemble brilliantly feature motifs of Bengali culture and tradition. As a result noble music of the source sound is created, likely to attract both world music connoisseurs and listeners who get in touch with this kind of art for the first time.

Debashish Bhattacharya

India India
One of the most outstanding, world acclaimed figures in India’s music, Debashish Bhattacharya, is a great virtuoso of Indian guitar. He is highly regarded as an artist, for his genuine passion for music-making, excellent technique, as well as spirituals aspects of his art. The artist’s most recent, splendid record has been just released.


Poland Poland
Great dynamism, spontainety and musicality, brilliant references to various cultural traditions and a feeling for stage have brought Dikanda which has operated on the folk scene for two decades a crowd of fans. This crowd grows after every concert. 

DJ Click / Click Here Balkandalucia

France France
What would be the result of a meeting between a master of modern, club production and Balkan and Andalusian music? A fascinating combination of three elements.

Edward Orłowski

Poland Poland
Folk fiddler. He was born in the heart of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains, in the village of Bęczków, in the foot of Łysica. Very often he would go to weddings with his parents and listen to the melodies played by village bands, and thus he discovered that he wanted to play.

El Naán

Spain Spain
El Naán draws on the greatest and subtlest traditions of Castilian music. However, the group brings them into the world of contemporary culture and musical aesthetics. The members of the group approach their own music heritage with respect and attention. At the same time, they try to ensure that the works full of finesse and subtlety reach the contemporary listeners.

Elida Almeida

Cape Verde Islands Cape Verde Islands
Cape Verde Islands have brought us – it appears – another jewel. A young and highly promising vocalist, who might soon match the most outstanding artists born in the country that gave us the great Cesária Évora.

Ensemble Sinawi

South Korea South Korea
In Korean folk music, “Sinawi” means improvisation.

Gęsty Kożuch Kurzu

Poland Poland
Winner of the New Tradition Grand Prix in 2016. The band’s music combines their fascination in folk repertoire and wisdom of the countryside masters of the genre with youthful sensitivity and spontaneity, the result of which is emotional music, full of passion, encouraging to dance and grounded in tradition.

Gobe Band

Hungary Hungary
The Hungarian folk music scene is colourful, exciting, and diverse. Some artists cling to original sounds drawn from contemporary musical genres, while others seek their deepest inspiration exclusively in the context of traditional music.

Gro Marie Svidal

Norway Norway
Gro Marie Svidal is among the greatest Norwegian violinists playing the Hardanger fiddle – the famous traditional Norwegian fiddle.

Grup Tayf

Turkey Turkey
Tayf in Turkish means “spectre”, “spectrum”. The legendary band with the same name was founded in Ankara in 1992.


Yemen / Israel Yemen / Israel
The members of the band invite their listeners to a world of prayer, passion, dance, love and longing for freedom, to a world of traditions rediscovered, reinterpreted and performed their way.


Yemen / Israel Yemen / Israel
Members of the group invite listeners to a world of prayer, passion, love and the longing for freedom. The world of tradition rediscovered, interpreted in their own way and performed in their own style.

Gurdjieff Ensemble

Armenia Armenia
A world-renowned ensemble, inspired by artistic and philosophical ideas of the famous Armenian mystic Georgi Gurdijeff. Its music is rooted in folk and religious music -- Armenian, Greek, Arab, Kurdish, Assyrian, Persian and Caucasian.


Poland Poland
The group comprises four musicians with considerable experience in folk, punk, indie-rock and even electronic groups. Together they decided to form a band as a musical provocation, and also a kind of time machine, carrying listeners back to interwar Poland.


Iran Iran
The group plays mystic music based on Sufi traditions and poetry of the greatest Sufi poet, known to the world as Rumi (Jalal ad-Din Muhammad ar-Rumi). Poetry in the original Persian language is enhanced by the sound of such instruments as ney (flute), daf (frame drum) and tonbak (wooden drum). Homayoon creates classical Persian music, set in Sufi tradition.


Ukraine Ukraine
One of the most fascinating Ukrainian ensembles, Hulajhorod, was founded in 2002 in Kirovohrad.


Georgia Georgia
Blokes in black coats and boots, with rows of cartridges on their chests, long knives on their belts. Not an invasion force, but singers. Gorgeously rich, shifting blocks of improvising harmony, sometimes with wild, crowing falsetto over the growling basses and soaring tenors.


Poland Poland
A phenomenal instrumental duet, combining their own expression and musical aesthetic with inspirations stemming from traditional music. The band's sound is based on the cooperation of two Polish folk instruments, the Płock fiddle and the Biłgoraj suka, reconstructed several years ago.

Jacek Hałas / Pieśni przygodne

Poland Poland
A musician, singer, dancer, composer and dziad . For years he has been searching for signs of dziad songs in the living tradition, in home archives and in ethnographers’ research, he also plays an instrument traditionally used by wandering singers – a hurdy-gurdy. By combining his experience and imagination he created a new, artistic form of dziad art.

Jacky Molard Quartet

France France
At the head of the group is Jacky Molard – one of the icons of traditional Bretonmusic scene. He plays violin, guitar, and bass, and has delighted audiences all over the world and inspired his countrymento seek inspirations in their own culture for years.

Joanna Słowińska/ "Archipelag"

Poland Poland
One of the most charismatic figures on the Polish scene, she is a singer with great stage personality; not afraid of new challenges and artistic experiments.

Joanna Słowińska / Archipelag_2

Poland / Finland Poland / Finland
Guest stars: Outi Pulkkinen  Joanna Słowińska is one of the most charismatic stars on the Polish stage, a vocalist and a great stage personality known to the fans of ethno and world music for the repertoire inspired by Polish and Slavic traditional music.

Joanna Słowińska / Polesie

Poland Poland
Polesie – an artistic journey of the artist to her family roots; a premiere concert inspired by the themes of ritual songs of the Eastern Borderlands, created by exceptional instrumentalists of the improvisation scene, arranged by Stanisław Słowiński – winner of the Jazz Juniors 2015 Grand Prix.

Jojo Abot

Ghana / Sweden Ghana / Sweden
Her fascinating music is inspired by her travels throughout continents and from her time spent between Akra, Copenhagen and New York - it is Jojo Abot, born in Ho (Ghana), living in New York, one of the most interesting and promising artists on the music scene inspired by African traditions.

Jorgos & Antonis Skolias

Poland Poland
A sensational family team bringing their own, refreshing vision of music, disregarding all genre limitations, freely drawing inspirations from folk and traditional music – in particular Greek, but also from other regions of Europe, as well as jazz. The outstanding Polish vocalist and his no less talented son playing the drums, propose the audience their trans music deeply rooted in the rhythm, whilst at the same melodious.


Italy / Apulia Italy / Apulia
The fervent Italian tradition from Salento, Puglia region in the south-western Italy combined with modern sounds. It is said that the band’s name is based on a local dialect and is a combination of words “good” and “evil” into one.

Kapela Brodów / „Muzikaim”

Poland Poland
In a new lineup but as fascinating as ever: the stalwarts of Polish folk are reaching for Jewish inspirations preserved in Polish traditions.

Kapela Maliszów

Polska Polska
One of the greatest discoveries on the Polish music scene in recent years, they are a family band that inspires all listeners with open minds and hearts.

Kapela na Krzywych Dźwiękach

Poland Poland
Kapela na Krzywych Dźwiękach was founded in Kraków in spring 2014. The ensemble conducts field studies in the Kajoków microregion (formerly northern Małopolska, now southern Mazowsze), homeland of their teachers – the singer Maria Siwiec and the violinist Jan Kmita.

Kapela ze Wsi Warszawa & Mercedes Peón

Poland Poland
The meeting between one of Poland’s most famous folk groups and an outstanding Spanish artist from Galicia results in fascinating artistic effects.

Karolina Cicha & Bart Pałyga

Poland Poland
Karolina Cicha’s artistic activity is very impressive, Her successive experiments are up to the highest artistic level. This time, the award winner of the Grand Prix of the New Tradition Festival, who took the challenge to deal with Różewicz’s poetry, music of minorities which once lived in Podlasie or even Pakistani tradition, comes up with a new project. 

Katarína Máliková

Slovakia Slovakia
A brilliant and sophisticated return to the beautiful traditions of Slovak culture, whilst at the same time its subtle interweaving into the modern sound. Katarína Máliková with her band proposes a sophisticated creation in the attractive form.

Kayhan Kalhor / Ali Bahrami Fard / Maria Pomianowska

Iran / Poland Iran / Poland
Outstanding Iranian artists will take us on a musical, cultural and spiritual journey to the sources of Persian tradition. Kayhan Kalhor, an absolute master playing the kamancheh will be concerting together with Ali Bahrami Fardem playing the Persian santur.

Kepa Junkera

Spain Spain
Junkera’s career has lasted thirty five years so far, and he is one of the symbols of Basque culture. His achievements have revolutionised how to use the trikitixa accordion, as well as the understanding and interpretation of traditional Basque music.


Croatia Croatia
Komedija is a Croatian rock group founded in 2008. They have already won awards at several competitions and festivals.


Poland Poland
One of the finest groups on the Polish music scene and one of Europe’s most original ensembles, they started from enchanting audiences with klezmer music traditions to soon develop their own unique fascinating style.

Kujawska Atlantyda

Poland Poland
Kujawska Atlantyda / Justyna Piernik, Zdzisław Piernik, Danuta Kaczmarek, Janusz Prusinowski Kompania, Warszawa Wschodnia


Latvia Latvia
The folk ensemble Laiksne was founded in 1993 in Riga. Their repertoire includes dynamic ritual songs, Latvian lyrical melodies and traditional dance music.


Poland Poland
One of the stalwarts of the Polish folk scene make a welcome return after taking a break for a few years.

Maarja Nuut

Estonia Estonia
Maarja Nuut, the violinist and vocalist from northern Estonia, is fascinated by the works of early rural musicians – the melodic lines, construction and trance quality of their songs.

Maciej Fortuna Quartet / Zośka

Poland / USA Poland / USA
The leading Polish jazz trumpeter and his international quartet appear with a repertoire inspired by Polish folk music recorded by Kolberg. It all started seemingly by chance...

Madame Baheux

Austria Austria
Jelena Popržan from Serbia, Ljubinka Jokić from Bosnia, Maria Petrova from Bulgaria and Lina Neuner and Dee Linde from Austria: four voices, sixteen strings, three bows, percussion and drums.

Maniucha Bikont

Poland Poland
Singer, cultural anthropologist, participating in field studies in Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, member of musical bands and theatre groups working with traditional music, rituals, improvisation and unconventional vocal techniques.

Manou Gallo Groove Orchestra

Ivory Coast Ivory Coast
Manou Gallo comes from the Ivory Coast. She debuted on the music scene at the age of twelve.

Maria Kalaniemi & Timo Alakotila

Finland Finland
Maria Kalaniemi is an acclaimed European instrumentalists on the world music scene, and one of the most important Finnish artists working today.

Maria Pomianowska & "Chopin & Arirang Project"

Poland Poland
Maria Pomianowska is a Doctor of Musical Arts, multi-instrumentalist, singer, composer, reconstructor of forgotten instruments, and educator, as well as working as Professor at the Academy of Music in Kraków and Director of the International Cross-Culture Festival.

Maria Siwiec

Poland Poland
One of the most notable guests of this year’s Crossroads festival is Maria Siwiec, an outstanding Polish folk singer. The artist from the village of Gałki Rusinowskie knows hundreds of local songs and is one of the leading vocalists in the local ensemble. She enjoys passing on her extensive knowledge to her many pupils. She also continues to work on her farm.

Mário Bihári

Czech Republic Czech Republic
Mário Bihári is an extraordinary Roma artist.

Martina & František Duda

Slovakia Slovakia
František, known as Ferko, and Martina, who is referred to by the diminutive Martinka, are two unusual Roma artists from Slovakia.

Mbongwana Star

The musicians released their debut album just a few weeks ago, in May this year. They may well become a major sensation of the season, and not only in Africa.

Meridian Brothers

Colombia Colombia
Meridian Brothers were formed in Bogota in 1998. The Colombian ensemble is led by the composer and multi instrumentalist Eblis Álvarez.


Zimbabwe Zimbabwe
According to one reviewer, the raw energy of the afro-fusion, offered by the band is like a rollercoaster ride. This is a perfect example how to present a new and modern music, attractive to the audiences worldwide while remaining loyal to one’s own roots and tradition.


Slovakia Slovakia
One of the finest groups from Slovakia, well known and popular in Poland, comes to the festival with a concert and workshops.


Poland Poland
The legends of the Polish folk scene are still in great shape! Muzykanci was founded in 1997 and quickly became a sensation on the Polish music scene.

Nomadic Voices

Italy/ Mongolia Italy/ Mongolia
Nomadic Voices is a project searching for deep, spiritual, passionate connections between representatives of distant cultures.

Ola Bilińska – Libelid

Poland Poland
Ola Bilińska’s record Beryozkel e subtitled Kołysanki jidysz (Yiddish Lullabies) was released three years ago and soon turned out the greatest sensation in its time – both phonographic and in concert. It achieved the title of the Folk Phonogram of the Year 2014. Lovers of folk and Jewish music, fans of alternative music, and those who look for the unique sound were equally captivated.

Piotr "Pianohooligan" Orzechowski

Poland Poland
A rebellious visionary and enfant terrible of the Polish music scene, the artist brilliantly combines (at times deconstructing) motifs of classical, contemporary and jazz music, as well as folk inspirations.

Pulkkinen Räss Sadovska

Finland / Switzerland / Ukraine Finland / Switzerland / Ukraine
Music of extreme beauty – based on the sources and on one tradition, but at the same time a cross-culture meeting of various sensitivities from three parts of Europe.


South Korea South Korea
The style, tempo and expression of court music differ from aristocratic and folk music.

Quartett Robin Mark

Switzerland Switzerland
The quartet, led by Robin Mark, performs new Swiss folk music in their own, unique style.


The United Kingdom / Finland / Armenia / Australia The United Kingdom / Finland / Armenia / Australia
The beautiful, melancholic and spiritual music, created by artists from different parts of the world who prove that creating art connecting seemingly distant traditions is definitely possible.

Sefardix / Maggid

Poland Poland
An outstanding vocalist with an exceptional rhythm section. Distinguished jazzmen drawing inspiration from Sephardic music and Mediterranean cultures are promoting their new, great album titled Maggid. Sefardix is a trio comprising Jorgos Skolias and two brothers, Marcin and Bartłomiej Oleś, three important and famous names on the Polish improvised music scene - and beyond!

Sher on a Shier

Germany Germany
Sher on a Shier is a Yiddish phrase that loosely translates as “neverending dance”.


Poland Poland
Three girls – a modest formula and unbounded, exuberant musicality, the joy of being on stage, the joy of singing. The members of Sutari trio arouse Polish and international audiences’ enthusiasm. They have concerted in many countries around the world, captivating the lovers of traditional music and contemporary alternative alike.


Belarus Belarus
Talaka (purification) is a popular custom among Belarusians (also widely known in Eastern Europe), meaning joint action within the community, in a group, for example, when the whole village together helps one person.


Ukraine Ukraine
The ensemble TaRuta from Kyiv is a leading representative of the Ukrainian world music scene.

Teatr Rodzinny Hałasów "Zegar Bije"

Poland Poland
A family enterprise led by a veteran and one of the greatest authorities of Poland’s ethnic, folk and traditional music scene.

Teresa Mirga

Poland Poland
Romani poet, singer, guitarist, composer, founder and leader of a Romani band Kałe Bała (Black Hair).


Estonia Estonia
“They are danceable and with no borders this is a music of invention and genre breaking openness that is a true music”, said John Robb of Louder than War portal / magazine about the band. “They are a perfect example of the future of folk music”, added Aengus Finnan, director of Folk Alliance International. Finally, Helen Sildna, director of the Tallinn Music Week conference summed them up with: “Their music is like a fireball, like fresh grapefruit juice, it revives you, you have to use it every morning!”

Trebunie-Tutki & Quintet Urmuli

Poland / Georgia Poland / Georgia
An absolute Polish folk classic, highly acclaimed on the international stage, Trebunie-Tutki band meets another outstanding highlander group – Georgian Urmuli. They jointly created an astonishingly cohesive and ravishing whole, as we can hear on their fine record Duch gór (The Spirit of the Mountains) which was released last year.

Twelfth Day

Scotland / UK Scotland / UK
“It is the 21st century art for the lovers of traditional music”, wrote the excited reviewer for fRoots, a prestigious magazine. Two inconspicuous girls from Scotland propose a delicate and sophisticated music, which at the same time is moving and filled with emotions.

Ural Pop

Norway / Finland Norway / Finland
A very special meeting in the circle of musical experiment based on Sami/Lapp music and the Finno-Ugric sound influence. Torgeir Vassvik with his new line-up – Kristiina Ilmonen and Rauno Nieminen – combines their deep knowledge and performing mastery to give ole traditions a new, contemporary sound.

Valentin Clastrier

France France
He is regarded as one of the most accomplished artists performing contemporary music on a hurdy-gurdy.

Warszawa Wschodnia

Poland Poland
A beautiful return to original singing traditions is on offer from the members of the band Warszawa Wschodnia.

Warszawski Sekstet Sentymentalny

Poland Poland
The Warszawski Sekstet Sentymentalny (Warsaw Sentimental Sextet) means living urban folklore performed by young enthusiasts of the old music of the big cities (and much more). They play familiar and forgotten dance melodies, as well as more sentimental tunes for joint fun, singing and listening.

Zakir Hussain & Rakesh Chaurasia Duo

India India
Zakir Hussain is undoubtedly one of the greatest legends of world music, virtuoso of the tabla, and artist who tours and records with many other acclaimed musicians, including those form the world of jazz.

ŻyWa Pracownia

Poland Poland
Is a group of craftsmen, artists, arts and crafts instructors and landscape architects, musicians, art therapists, a doctor and machine operator, engaging together into cultural, social and educational activities at the crossroads of art, traditional crafts, design, architecture and urban gardening.